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Your new redemptions virtual assistant

If you’re looking to redeem (pay off) your mortgage – we’re here to help.

We’ve now launched a new redemptions virtual assistant, to help answer your questions about this process.

The redemptions virtual assistant can give you information about:

  • Requesting a redemption statement
  • Understanding a redemption statement
  • Making a redemption payment
  • Dealing with a shortfall or surplus payment
  • Fees & other costs
  • Requesting title deeds
  • Removing a charge from a property

So whether you’re a customer or a solicitor – the redemptions virtual assistant could be a quick and easy way to get the information you need.

How to use the redemptions virtual assistant

Simply click on the small button that’ll appear in the bottom right corner of certain pages of our website.

You can then start a conversation by asking the redemptions virtual assistant a question, or by selecting one of the handy in-built options.

Please note – the virtual assistant tool will only display and work correctly if you’ve enabled Statistics cookies on this website. You can check or change your preferences on our cookies page.

We hope the redemptions virtual assistant is useful for you, but if you need any other information, please see our redemptions page or contact us for further support.

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