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Introducing Hessonite Mortgages


We’re delighted to welcome you to Hessonite Mortgages following the transfer of your mortgage from NRAM on 23 October 2023.

From now on, we’re responsible for administering your mortgage – so we’ll be answering your calls, setting your interest rate, collecting your monthly payments and sending out statements and letters.

Our website gives you information and useful tools allowing you to take control of your mortgage account, so please take time to have a look around the site.


Here to help when you need us

We know times are tough and mortgages can be complicated, so we’re always here to provide help if you need it.

If you’re behind with your payments or need any support, please call us on our new number as soon as possible. Speaking to us earlier means there may be more ways in which we can help, and simply contacting us will not affect your credit score.


Our background

Hessonite Mortgages is a trading name of Topaz Finance Limited. We’re an experienced UK-based mortgage lender supporting both homeowners and buy-to-let landlords, operating since 2006. Topaz Finance is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and looks after over 100,000 mortgages and loans for customers under a range of different trading names.

Topaz Finance Limited is owned by Computershare – a global leader in financial services administration. Computershare provides a wide range of financial and governance solutions for leading organisations, including mortgage origination, credit management and customer services.

So, although Hessonite Mortgages is a new name in the mortgage market, we’re an experienced lender and we’re here to support all our customers.

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